Sorbothane® Insoles Will Attend The Summer ODR

May 14, 2019 Categories: Shows & Events

Kent, Ohio –

Sorbothane, Inc. announced they are heading back to the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver, Colorado from June 18th – 20th. The new Sorbothane® Ultra PLUS Stability Insole will be featured at the show along with the complete family of Sorbothane® Comfort & Performance Insoles. Free insole samples show specials and a Sorbothane® Insole floor display with 116 pair of Sorbothane® Insoles will be given away at the show.

Ultra Plus Flyer

Sorbothane® – The Material NASA Trusts

When leading NASA scientists needed a superior damping material to protect space shuttle cameras during the launch of the DISCOVERY, they turned to Sorbothane®. Engineers at Sorbothane, Inc. partnered with the NASA design team and devised a unique Sorbothane® isolator that protects shuttle cameras from the violent forces thrust upon them. This allowed critical images to be transmitted to ground control for safety evaluations.


Approved by the APMA, Sorbothane® has been proven effective by absorbing up to 94.7% of damaging shock before it can enter the body. Sorbothane® replicates the body’s own shock-absorbing ability. Sorbothane® has the remarkable ability to both isolate vibration and control shock. Hand crafted, Sorbothane Insoles can provide pain relief, comfort and help protect against impact related pain and injury. Sorbothane® will not bottom out or lose effectiveness – continuing to deliver comfort and protection day after day.

Nasa Space Shuttle

Free Insoles, Show Specials And A Chance To Win A Complete Sorbothane® Insole Floor Display

“…why not stop by the Sorbothane booth #50156-UL while you are enjoying the Outdoor Retailer? See what makes Sorbothane® the perfect insole material. Try out a free pair of Sorbothane® insoles and register for a chance to win a complete Sorbothane® Comfort & Performance Insole floor display with a retail value over $3400.” – David Church, President Sorbothane, Inc.

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