Sorbothane Comfort Insoles Success Story

March 5, 2019 Categories: Products

Tourist HikingThe Design Team at Sorbothane, Inc. combines consumer input, ingenuity, experience and the peerless material Sorbothane® to achieve outstanding results.

The Ultra PLUS Stability Insole and 3/4 Ultra PLUS are great examples. Both insoles feature a custom composite stability system, deep heel cup and the unmatched impact protection and cushioning comfort of Sorbothane®.

What is Sorbothane?

Sorbothane® is a one-of-a kind material that distorts easily and recovers completely, that can also cope with energy in more than one direction. Sorbothane® has the characteristics of both viscous (liquid) and elastic (solid) materials, which is ideal for impact-absorbing insoles. Sorbothane® distorts under load and returns to its original shape after a slight delay. Like a liquid, Sorbothane® distorts to disperse harmful shock waves laterally away from the point of impact.

Comfort by Sorbothane, Stability By Design.

A proprietary material, Sorbothane® has been used by NASA and featured in Vitamix blenders for its remarkable ability to isolate vibration and control shock. Sorbothane® cradles the foot in comfort and helps to protect against impact related pain and discomfort. Sorbothane® is a resilient material that will never bottom out or lose effectiveness.

A Sorbothane Success Story

“I’m not sure if you are familiar with hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains but most are pretty rough; lots of roots, and lots of rocks. These are not just nice soft dirt trails,” said Susan. “This weekend I went out with your insoles (Sorbothane® Ultra PLUS) and did a 13-mile hike. Not once did my foot hurt; it was AMAZING! There was so much insulation from the trail I was amazed. I specifically thought about my feet a few times while I was out – around mile 5, then around mile 10 – noting that I was not in pain. I finished my hike with very happy feet, and it made the end of the hike so much better. Ultimately, these insoles really saved my feet. My hike length without pain improved almost 3-fold. I can’t say enough good things about these insoles!” Susan shared with Sorbothane.

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