Sorbothane® Safeguards Critical NASA Components During Launch

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Sorbothane® – The Material NASA Trusts

Astronaut on TreadmillWhen leading NASA scientists needed a superior damping material to protect space shuttle cameras during the launch of the DISCOVERY, they turned to Sorbothane®. Engineers at Sorbothane, Inc. partnered with the NASA design team and devised a unique Sorbothane® isolator that protects shuttle cameras from the violent forces thrust upon them. Allowing critical images to be transmitted to ground control for safety evaluations.


NASA continues the use of Sorbothane® as part of the Treadmill Vibration Isolation and Stabilization System (TVIS) on the International Space. The treadmill in the ISS provides astronauts with a way to exercise and helps them maintain muscle and bone health.

What Makes Sorbothane® The Perfect Material For Insoles?

Sorbothane® is a one-of-a kind material. It distorts easily and recovers completely. It can cope with energy in more than one direction. Sorbothane® has the characteristics of both viscous (liquid) and elastic (solid) materials. Which is ideal for impact-absorbing insoles. Sorbothane® distorts under load and returns to its original shape after a slight delay. Sorbothane® like a liquid, distorts to disperse harmful shock waves laterally away from the point of impact. Sorbothane® cradles the foot in comfort and helps to protect against impact related pain and discomfort.
Sorbothane® is a resilient material that will never bottom out or lose effectiveness.

APMA Approved Sorbothane® Made In The USA

The Design Team at Sorbothane, Inc. combines – consumer input, ingenuity, experience
and the peerless material Sorbothane® to achieve outstanding results. The Ultra PLUS Stability Insole and 3/4 Ultra PLUS are great examples. Both insoles feature a custom composite stability system, deep heel cup and the unmatched impact protection and cushioning comfort of Sorbothane®.

The exclusive viscoelastic polymer Sorbothane® was introduced to the American
consumer in the early 1980s. Since 1982 – a complete line of insoles featuring Sorbothane® has been developed and is recommended by doctors, sports medicine specialists and professional trainers.

Hand crafted in Kent, Ohio USA – Sorbothane® is unsurpassed in delivering comfort, helping to protect against injury and providing long-lasting cushioning.

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