Sorbothane Ultra PLUS Insoles: Pain Relieving Comfort

July 9, 2018 Categories: Products

Kent, Ohio – The 3/4 length Sorbothane® Ultra PLUS Insole features an integrated arch support system with a deep heel cup to help provide proper alignment and stability. The Sorbothane® heel inlay provides long-lasting, shock absorbing comfort and protection. Designed to fit in any shoe, the 3/4 Ultra PLUS insert will out-last and out-perform other insoles.


  • Stabilizing Deep Heel Cup. Helps to provide proper heel positioning and foot alignment.3-4 Ultra PLUS Shoe Insole
  • Lightweight Arch Support. Provides maximum support with custom arch support system.
  • Sorbothane® Heel Inlay. Reduces harmful strike and force, delivering comfort and helping to reduce pain and injury.
  • Air-Infused Sorbothane® Base. Provides superior cushioning.
  • Fabric Top Cover. Works to keep feet dry, cool and odor-free.

Sorbothane® – The Exclusive Science of Shock Absorption

Sorbothane® is the material that absorbs up to 94.7% of damaging impact force before it enters the body. Sorbothane® was developed to duplicate the natural shock absorbing ability of the body. The 3/4 Ultra PLUS Insole cushions the foot in comfort and works to protect against impact-related pain and discomfort.

Lightweight Stability and Support System

Ultra PLUS Sorbothane Shoe InsoleThe Sorbothane® 3/4 Ultra PLUS features a one-piece arch component with a deep stabilizing heel cup. This lightweight insole helps to provide maximum support, foot stability and proper foot placement for shock absorbing comfort and protection.

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