Sorbothane Insoles to Exhibit at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

July 3, 2018 Categories: Shows & Events

Sorbothane Ultra PLUS InsolesKent, Ohio – Sorbothane® Comfort & Performance Insoles announced today that they are heading to Denver for the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this July, where they will feature the new Sorbothane® 3/4 Ultra PLUS Stability Insole.

Sorbothane® is a proprietary material that has been proven effective by absorbing up to 94.7% of damaging impact shock before it enters the body. It was created to simulate the body’s natural shock-absorbing ability. Used by NASA, Sorbothane® has the remarkable ability to isolate vibration and control shock. Sorbothane® Comfort & Performance Insoles cradle the foot in comfort and help protect against impact related pain and discomfort. It will not bottom out or lose effectiveness. Sorbothane® will continue to deliver comfort and protection…step after step…day after day.

Sorbothane® 3/4 Ultra Plus Insole Features:

  • Sorbothane® Cushioning Comfort
  • Deep Heel Cup Stability
  • Integrated Arch Support System
  • Designed to Perform in any Shoe or Boot

Sorbothane 3/4 Ultra Plus Insole

The Outdoor Retailer Summer Specials Include:

  • Discounted Show Orders
  • Sorbothane® Insoles Samples
  • Special Product Giveaways

If you’re ready to learn more about our custom shock and vibration solutions, contact us today or give us a call at 330-678-9444.

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