Sorbothane Insoles Provide Impact Protection for a Healthy Body

May 21, 2020 Categories: Uncategorized

Two healthy women walking on a pathOur feet are an extremely important part of our bodies. They carry the weight of our bodies throughout the day and provide much needed stability when standing still. However, they also endure a lot of pressure and harmful heel strikes, which can lead to injury, not only of the foot but the entire body. Therefore, it is so important to take care of them. One way to do this is by wearing the proper footwear for support, including insoles that provide the correct amount of impact protection.

Unprotected Feet Result in Injuries

If you are on your feet for any amount of time, you know how sore they can get by the end of the day. If you are doing a lot of walking, running, or are involved in sports, you also need to have footwear that is going to properly support your feet. Pain is only one thing that not wearing the proper footwear can cause. It can also lead to injury to other parts of the body.

Did you know many leg, hip, and back problems begin with the feet? Why? Because every step we take is jarring not only for your feet but the rest of the body too. Shoe insoles provide cushion to prevent harmful shock from traveling up the body. If you have tried athletic shoe insoles before but didn’t notice a decrease in pain, this is because they were not made from the right kind of material. Insoles made with Sorbothane provide impact protection and will help to keep your body healthy.

Why are Sorbothane Insoles the Best?

Sorbothane is a shock absorbing material that will protect your feet. It can absorb as much as 94.7% of shock caused by impact. As a result, many doctors and orthopedic specialists recommend insoles made from this amazing material, because it provides the most protection. In fact, Sorbothane Insoles have been known to help with the following medical conditions:

  • Heel spurs
  • Shin splints
  • Ulcerations caused by diabetes

However, it is also important to be comfortable. This is where Sorbothane Insoles really make a difference. They not only help to protect your feet and body from pain and injury, but they also make any footwear comfortable. In fact, it’s like putting on a pair of your favorite slippers at the end of the day, but with the necessary support underlying the comfort!

So, whether you are at work or play, our performance insoles will help you be pain free and extremely comfortable all day long, no matter what the activity.

If you are required to wear professional shoes every day to work we also offer Ball-of-Foot cushionsHeel Pads, and our Maximum Duty Work insoles to provide you extra protection. Find your perfect insole today!

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