How Shock Absorbing Insoles Help Any Athlete

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Running is known to be a great activity to achieve overall body health. Although running has many benefits, it also presents some harmful risks to your body. The impact of running on hard surfaces can do damage on your feet, ankles, knees and even back. Being proactive and wearing shock absorbing insoles can help to reduce the harmful impact of running and other activities.

Prevent Injury with Athletic Insoles

Insoles for running shoes are made to protect your feet and knees from all high impact activities such as walking, running, hiking and more. The harmful shock and impact on your body increases drastically when transitioning to more strenuous exercise such as running or difficult hikes. When these advanced activities are done on hard or uneven ground it can cause injury to even the most experienced athlete. If your athletic shoe inserts do not feature shock absorbing padding, you may run the risk of getting injured and at a minimum, be uncomfortable for the duration of your exercise.

Athletic shoe insoles, specifically those that are shock absorbing, are usually constructed of a specialized material, such as Sorbothane®, and include significant arch support to help protect the foot.  When breaking in a new pair of athletic insoles, you’ll notice that your foot eases into the shoe over time, allowing the insoles curve and shape itself precisely to your foot. Custom made insoles for running shoes are available from medical professionals for those needing specific adjustments or are prone to injury.

Are Shock Absorbing Insoles Just for Running?

If you are prone to foot, ankle, leg or back injuries, some health professionals may recommend wearing shock absorbing insoles for more than just exercise. Using quality shock absorbing padding in everyday shoes helps to protect your body from possible injury and aid in healing past injuries by encouraging rapid recovery.

There are numerous benefits of utilizing insoles for running shoes that are made primarily for high impact activities. This can be especially helpful in enabling you to prolong high impact exercise  since the amount of impact stress is being minimized for your knees and feet.

Proper athletic shoe insoles give your body the protection it needs while prolonging the life of your muscles and bones. Therefore, Injuries from impact stress are much less likely to be a concern later in life which will allow a happier and healthier future.

Whether you are a marathoner or someone who just takes the occasional walk, our shock absorbing insoles, featuring the material Sorbothane®, will help you be pain free and extremely comfortable all day long, no matter the activity. Find your perfect insole today!

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