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August 13, 2021 Categories: Products

Kent, Ohio – Sorbothane® Insoles have undergone exciting updates. New striking packaging for Sorbothane Ultra SOLE and Ultra MAX DUTY add life to point of sale. While the Ultra GRAPHITE ARCH composite arch support undergoes color update.

Sorbothane Ultra SOLE

Proven Athletic Performance Insole

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The Ultra SOLE Performance Insole absorbs shock, returns energy, and provides long-lasting comfort. The Ultra SOLE combines a molded air-infused base with a Sorbothane heel inlay for shock absorbing comfort and impact protection. A unique Sorbothane Gel forefoot pad adds cushioning and returns fluid energy. American made to perform.

Sorbothane Ultra MAX DUTY

Durable, Cushioning Work Insole

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Built to last – Ultra MAX DUTY Work Insoles absorb shock and provide long-lasting comfort. Designed to perform like the body’s natural ability to absorb shock, the Ultra MAX DUTY combines a Sorbothane heel inlay with a Sorbothane metatarsal insert. Sorbothane shoe inserts will never waiver under any conditions. Durable, comfortable, and proven to relieve pain, Ultra MAX DUTY Insoles enable you to do what you do, in comfort.

Sorbothane Ultra Graphite ARCH™

Graphite Support & Sorbothane Cushioning

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The Ultra GRAPHITE ARCH Insole combines a composite arch support with the comfort and impact protection of Sorbothane. A molded air-infused base provides additional cushioned support while the Sorbothane® heel inlay offers comfort and heel-strike protection. A Sorbothane Gel Metatarsal Pad works to cushion and return energy. Long-lasting Sorbothane Ultra GRAPHITE ARCH Insoles maintain their benefits stride after stride.

The Science of Sorbothane

Sorbothane is a viscoelastic material that can absorb up to 94.7% of damaging impact shock before it enters the body. Used by NASA and SPACE X, it was created to simulate the natural shock-absorbing ability of the body. Sorbothane’s shock absorbing Insoles provide comfort while helping to protect against impact-related pain and discomfort. 

Find Your Perfect Insole

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