How Sorbothane Provides Impact Protection in Running Shoes

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Woman running on pavementHigh tech running shoes are essential to avid runners. As a runner becomes more physically fit, they naturally begin to go further and faster. This can also cause pain or possibly injury to the runner. For this reason, most running shoes have some sort of vibration-reducing athletic insole in them to assist in protecting the body from harm.

Why Vibration Reduction is Important

The main reason running shoes have vibration reduction systems is to protect the runner’s body from the impact of the run. Each time a foot slams to the ground, the vibration of that contact is passed up through the body and can be harmful to the joints. This is especially true when runners are running on extremely hard surfaces, such as pavement.

As runner’s feet hit the ground, energy is created to propel them forward. However, some of that energy compacts, and instead of being absorbed by the ground it rebounds back into the feet and up the legs. Therefore, most running shoes include vibration-reducing material in an effort to absorb harmful impact to protect the runner from injury.

On a soft surface like grass the ground absorbs some of the vibration from impact. However, most runners are not able to consistently run on softer surfaces, especially during a race. Running shoe manufacturers are aware of this and have designed their shoes with built-in insoles for running shoes.

The Limitations of Foam

Since most running shoes are designed to help absorb impact when a runner lands, extra material may be included in an attempt to handle the energy. This is often achieved with foam inserts. This foam is meant to absorb as much of the impact as possible, thus acting as a vibration reduction tool. Many runners originally swear by their shoes because they are more comfortable in the beginning for long runs and help the body stay less sore throughout the run and the next day.

However, foam insoles for running shoes have some significant shortcomings: Foam has performance limits and the material breaks down very quickly. For serious runners, this means spending a couple of hundred dollars for a new pair of shoes every one to five months. That’s a lot of money to invest in running shoes each year!

Foam insoles also break down even when the shoe isn’t worn on a regular basis. This means that people who don’t run very often will still have to buy new running shoes once a year or more.

So, whether you are an avid runner or occasionally run, the foam built into most running shoes will break down quickly. It will most likely end up costing you more money since the shoes will need to be replaced more often and can actually cause discomfort or even injury to your feet and/or joints if you keep wearing the shoes past their prime.

Sorbothane® Insoles Provide Superior Vibration Reduction

Fortunately for runners today, Sorbothane® insoles provide vibration reduction for avid runners as well as anyone else engaging in impact-causing daily activities. Our proprietary material, Sorbothane has the properties of both a solid and a liquid. This enables the Sorbothane performance insole to:

  • Direct the force away from the point of impact, dissipating the shock energy preventing it from traveling through the feet and up the legs
  • Recover quickly enabling the material to be ready to absorb harmful shock for the next step, jump or move
  • Fit comfortable in any shoe, extending the life of an expensive running shoe

In short, the benefits gained with Sorbothane® Comfort & Performance Insoles ensures your running shoes will last longer and provide more protection than impact absorbing insoles made from foam.

Whether you are searching for foot protection for work, leisure, or sports, you will find that Sorbothane Performance Insoles provide the ultimate comfort, performance, and protection. Sorbothane has created a full line of insoles – from the concentrated heel-strike protection of the Sorbothane Heel PAD to the full-length comfort, protection, and stability of the Sorbothane Ultra PLUS – we have an insole to fit your needs.

Find the perfect Sorbothane Comfort & Performance Insole for you today!

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