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Sorbothane Insoles Absorb Impact ShockDo you run marathons or run to the grocery store? Do you stand, work on your feet all day or work in the yard all weekend? It doesn’t really matter the nature of our job or the recreational activity we choose. Our feet, legs and back, in fact our entire body, is put to the test every day.

Shock waves are generated every time we take a step. Whether walking, running, hiking or jumping, these impact shock waves can be dangerous to our bodies and may cause pain, discomfort or possibly even injury. Sorbothane® Comfort & Performance Insoles can help.

Remarkable Material

Sorbothane is an exclusive material that can absorb up to 94.7% of damaging impact shock before it can enter the body. It was created by Dr Maurice Hiles to replicate the body’s amazing, natural impact-absorbing abilities. As the foot impacts the ground – Sorbothane initially directs the force away from the point of impact. Then, the shock energy is dissipated from the material. Completing the cycle, Sorbothane recovers after a slight delay and is ready for the next impact. Sorbothane shock absorbing insoles are always ready for the next step, jump or move.

Makes a Comfort Difference

We all want to be comfortable. Discomfort can be an unwelcome result of the impact shock that comes from normal activity. Pain, from foot strike, can also be the result of strenuous work, athletic endeavors or just the product of aging. Sorbothane is a remarkable material. No rubber, silicone or foam measures up. Sorbothane works to cradle the foot in comfort and helps to protect the entire body against impact related pain and injury. It acts as a barrier between the ground and your body, absorbing the impact energy and returning comfort. Resilient, Sorbothane impact absorbing insoles will not bottom out and lose effectiveness.

Better Insole

Since 1982, Sorbothane insoles have been highly recommended by doctors, sports medicine specialists and professional trainers. For over 37 years Sorbothane Insoles have proven to be the best defense against foot pain, back pain and impact-related injuries. American manufactured in Kent, Ohio, Sorbothane Insoles have gained worldwide recognition by providing comfort, helping protect against injury and delivering long-lasting cushioning.

Whether you are searching for foot protection for work, leisure, or sports, you will find that Sorbothane performance insoles provide the ultimate comfort, performance and protection. Sorbothane has created a full line of insoles – from the concentrated heel-strike protection of the Heel PAD to the full-length comfort, protection and stability of the Sorbothane Ultra PLUS – we have an insole to fit your needs.

Find the perfect Sorbothane Comfort & Performance Insole for you today!

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