One Of A Kind Sorbothane® Insoles are assembled in USA

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100% Made In The USA

For over three decades Sorbothane® Insoles have been designed, sourced and manufactured entirely in the USA. They have provided active individuals with long lasting, Sorbothane® shock-absorbing comfort and support. No other insole line can make that claim.

Not Your Typical Big Box Store Insole

Sorbothane® Insoles are designed to protect and improve the quality of life. Sorbothane® Insoles are not sold at big box stores. They are distributed through distinctive retailers that are committed to serving their customers like family. We obsess over the craftsmanship and performance of our products and we strive to make them better – lighter, longer lasting and more comfortable.

Call For Additional Information On The Complete Line Of
Sorbothane® Comfort & Performance Insoles – 800.838.3906

There is a complete line of Sorbothane® Insoles designed to absorb shock, provide comfort and protect against impact related injury.

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